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OT: calendars

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:18 am    Post subject: OT: calendars Reply with quote

We get people asking from time to time about an outlook-clone. Personally, I'm agin it.

Just for information, I have been playing with google calendars, and am very impressed - I have created several shared calendars accessible between logins, and very simple it is as well.

On top of that, Google offer "private url"s which let you read and display the various calendars in ical-aware applications. So far I have them displayed in KDE's Kontact and in Rainlendar pro, and in Mozilla's Sunbird. Pity you can't write back to it, but maybe a later version will permit that. What exists now works really well.

In the future, I can imagine google offering a groupdav server, so that other applications can be "live" on shared calendars, but there seems no evidence yet - they seem to want you to log into them. But that is no actual hardship, it seems to me.

Rainlendar won't let you acess URLs directly, so I have written a small shell script that is called from my .login before starting rainlendar. OK, so it won't update with any changes made during the day, but it was fun

#! /bin/bash
#         call in .login as   "~/.ical/ &"
cd ~/.ical
\rm /f basic.ics
# The urls passed to wget are from Google Calendar's "private urls"
mv basic.ics birthday.ics
mv basic.ics work.ics
# start the calendar chappie
rainlendar 2>/dev/null

I also run rainlendar on my windoze machine, so I have a modified version of the same script in the startup group there. You may have to install wget for windows if you don't already have it. (
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