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Efficient way of replying to queries.(Very Specialized req.)

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 6:00 pm    Post subject: Efficient way of replying to queries.(Very Specialized req.) Reply with quote

I wish to increase my efficiency of replying to people asking me for legal advice.

1. People sent me emails in which they ask various questions, sometimes up to five pages long.
2. Due to lack of time, people tend to be sloppy in their expressions, spelling etc.
3. Due to lack of knowledge, people don't always know how to ask the relevant question precisely.
4. Therefore you will understand that some editing on my part is required of those questions.
5. However, I am only human and I am not free of interpretation mistakes.
6. That is why it is our policy to include the original question as well without any modifications.
7. We also require to do some team work.
8. Therefore it is of utmost importance that our communication is precise and to the point.
9. We have to ensure that we all understand the issue in the same way.

What do I want exactly?
*I am searching for software that can help me edit the queries sent to me.
*For every relevant paragraph occurring in the query, I wish to be able to head it with following things:
-my personal re-phrasal of the entire Paragraph in the shortest and most concise format.
-a few important remarks.
*Whenever a heading is created, all the details are hidden away under the heading, such as a procedure in computer programming.
*Therefore the only thing visible is my concise re-phrasal of the question itself.
*Whenever I double click on it, a window opens up with all the information that was hidden before.
*In there, I wish to write my answers with various footnotes.
*Pertaining the answer format, more detail will follow below.

*This heading procedure should be such that following operations can be done without any changes to the original document:
-I can change the font etc of a heading box.
-I can drop and drag those heading boxes in any order I want to.
-I can add comments to it that will only be displayed when I click for it.
-I can click on a box such that it brings me to the exact spot relevant in the original document.
-A mere combination of clicks will make it such that the whole contents of one such heading box is copy pasted with exact footnote information.
-I have the capability to print it out, make it into a PDF file such that all the information is correctly intertwined, the re-phrasal of the question, the additional comments, the original question and the answer, for each and every such heading box for the whole document.
-It is possible to put it online so that different people can edit it, like they have for computer programming as well.
-Online editing should be efficient as well.
-Any new modifications made by someone should have an automatic comment of who did it, and optional, why
-Whenever one goes online to access the document, one is notified automatically which spots are modified.
-There is an option to make certain places impossible to modify except with the explicit permission of the author of that particular piece.

*Pertaining the answer format, I wish it to be in a different font automatically, especially when the whole document is printed out.
*However, throughout the whole document it has to stay the same.
*Therefore, if it is changed somewhere, then the change will go through the whole document.
*I wish it to be able to express a logic nesting exactly like the directory display of Windows in explorer.
*It is something like this:
|point 1
|-----| sub point 1.1
.......|-----| sub point 1.1.1
(these dots are merely added because the empty spaces disappear)
When I click on the + it will expand further.
I am able to click on sub point 1.1.1 box and drag it to the point 1 box and the contents of the two boxes changes automatically.
There is even an option that the further level of nested sub points under sub point 1.1.1 such as sub point 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 --> 1.1.10 are swapped automatically as well.

*and the list can go on and on and on.
*But that is not the main purpose.
*The main purpose is for me to merely ask does something like that already exist and if so, where can I download it?
*If it doesn't exist, then who should I contact to make something like this freeware for everyone to benefit from it?[/i][/list]
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 6:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think what you want is an outliner, probably a dedicated one.. AFAIK there is nothing exactly like what you want in OOo.

I'd suggest gooling "outliner software" and seeing what comes up.

I know that I have used something like this years ago but forget the name. I tend to use Keynote now but I don't think it will do everything you want. There is a somewhat out-of-date list of outliners at that may serve as a start for your search.
Kingston ON Canada
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