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Localized versions of 1.0.2 not coming? Or better: when?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 7:31 am    Post subject: Localized versions of 1.0.2 not coming? Or better: when? Reply with quote

Hi there!

I'm a great fan of and I use it for about a year now - fantastic work! Congratualtions to everyone who contributes to it.

When I heard recently that 1.0.2 was out, I was looking forward to the upgrade; however, until now there is only the English build available.
Usually the guys who do the translations were really FAST, so it's kind of strange that 1.0.2 is out for almost a month now, with no localized versions available whatsoever.

Does anyone have info, when there are builds in different languages available?

I wouldn't care switching to the English build, but I kind of got used to the key-shortcuts.

What I honestly didn't understand is, when you search with Google for localized versions of OOorg 1.0.2, there actually are some online-shops you sell the localized versions. Rolling Eyes

I'd be glad to hear from you, no matter what the info is Smile.
Thanks again to all who work on the best office-suit available!
Best regards!

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2003 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just a little patience, at it eventually will be there. For making your waiting a little less hard, I want to tell you the following. 1.02 is a bug fix release, but for me personally, I do not feel any difference between 1.02 and 1.01. Regular expression seach still doesn't work in 1.02 as it did in 1.01. Hope the wait has become a little less hard now Wink
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2003 12:42 am    Post subject: Thanks! Reply with quote


Sorry my answer took so long.
Thanks for your post - I'll keep looking for localized 1.0.2 Smile.

As you told me, it's "just" a bug-fix-release - but none the less, better be up to date than out of date Wink.
I think those guys who program the suite are just fantastic people, can't wait to see what they keep in store for version 1.1 Shocked.

Thanks again, have a great time!
Best regards,
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2003 12:06 pm    Post subject: broken OpenOffice writer regular expression processor Reply with quote

Is there any news about when a version of the OpenOffice writer program will be available with a working regular expression processor??
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