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Issues & questions with silent install of OpenOffice 3.3

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:32 am    Post subject: Issues & questions with silent install of OpenOffice 3.3 Reply with quote


One absolutely crucial thing for administrators is to have a possibility to install Openoffice on remote machines in a way that
* is silent: without any user interaction, popups, registrations or by the user, etc
* can be automated: it does not require a gui but can be triggered and configured via command-line, so that it can be triggered by a program
* is modular: the administrator can choose to _not_ install parts that are not required or not wanted - or to install additional extensions
* is shared (multi-user, not just one)

OpenOffice does/did have a system that mostly fit these requirements, via msiexec and unopkg (method and references outlined farther down below)
on linux, much of this is easier through the package managers (at least if your distribution is explicitely supported),
but on windows, there are a couple issues (the following is about the Windows case):

* In OpenOffice 3.3, an attempt to install via msiexec like many admins did up to OO3.2.1 leads to a popup window saying:
"Please use the file setup.exe to start the installation"
and abort. as it turns out, calling setup.exe [my cmdline args]
leads to a spawned call of C:\Windows\SysWOW64\\msiexec.exe SETUP_USED=1 /I "C:\path\to\oo\install\files\openofficeorg33.msi" [my cmdline args]
the problem is that even with /qn in the command-line args, this isn't really silent. There are two popups (that disappear immediately, so that i coulnd't even read them)
what does work fine though is using msiexec directly like before, but with SETUP_USED=1 added in the command line args.
But i feel kinda weird about this. Does setup.exe do something important _before_ calling msiexec or why would they try to prevent people from directly using msiexec ?
does anyone know more about this?

the rest of the question relates to issues that i also have with versions before 3.3 (e.g. with 3.2.1):

* even a fully quiet uninstall leads to the user's browser opening an uninstallation survey somewhere at
is there any way to disable that??

* while the normal (interactive) install gives the choice to add a shortcut icon on the desktop (or not), i do not see how to prevent that shortcut icon from being installed in the case of the silent install via msiexec.
i found one page [5] where someone suggests getting rid of this icon afterwards with
del "C:\Documents and Settings\All USers\Desktop\ 3.2.lnk"
(that would be for win xp? for win 7 it would probably look more like this):
del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ 3.2.lnk"
but in any case, deleting it afterwards is clearly _not_ as good as to prevent it from appearing in the first place.
does anyone know of a way to do that?

ok that's all for the questions. the following is for reference:
Method used for a silent install of OpenOffice:
here's what I do (or a program or script of mine for that matter)
1. download the localized non-jre version of openoffice for your language
(unfortunately, for some localizations, getting a nojre version might be the first prob)
2. extract that exe file (e.g. with 7zip)
3. from within a folder with the extracted files, run
msiexec /qn /norestart /i openofficeorg33.msi SETUP_USED=1 ADDLOCAL=All REMOVE=gm_o_Winexplorerext,gm_o_Activexcontrol,gm_o_Pyuno,gm_o_Xsltfiltersamples,gm_o_Testtool,gm_o_Javafilter,gm_o_Onlineupdate
4. remove the desktop shortcut icon (actual file location depends on your windows version):
del "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ 3.3.lnk"
5. Deactivating the Registration Wizard, get the extension from link in [3]
"c:\Program Files (x86)\ 3\program\" add --shared DisableFirstStartWzd_ooo321.oxt
6. install whatever other extensions your users need like in 5.
7. change Logo=1 to Logo=0 in C:\Program Files (x86)\ 3\Program\soffice.ini
8. done. the user (or your application specific program on the user's machine) can start OpenOffice

On 32-bit windows systems, it's "C:\Program Files" instead of "C:\Program Files (x86)"
similar silent install instructions (with a couple differences) are in [1], [5], [7] and for older versions: [4]
References and pages related to the subject:
[1] Create an unattended / silent install of 3
[2] msiexec command line ref:
[3] getting rid of first start wizard:
[4] old doc, but might still be relevant for oo-specific msiexec properties:
[5] a script for a silent install, also deletes desktop shortcut
[6] list of submodules?:
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