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Importing multiple bitmaps

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 2:57 am    Post subject: Importing multiple bitmaps Reply with quote

Hi !
I am making some work involving LED spatial position detection in pictures.
I would like to make a document which would draw a chart with curves for 12 columns of data (no problem) and one columns containing pictures which would be used as legend for the chart. (the datas are describing the location of LED's in the pictures).
So I have two problems :
- how can I import a lot of pictures automatically, named "00001.jpeg", "00002.jpeg", [...], each in a different cell ? I am compelled to find a way to automate the process because there are a lot of them.
- how can I use the columns containing the pictures as a legend for my chart ?
I am not sure that openoffice can do such a thing. In fact, I have tried with excel having no success at all, and was hoping that OO Calc would perhaps help me... I know that some database apps could allow me to do this but the one I have tried don't give any possibility to draw chart, so I am compelled to cut / paste the pictures and the chart on another apps for printing them, and have a lot of difficulty synchronysing the pictures with the curves of the chart...
Thanks in advance for any answer...
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