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Just some general things that bug me in Oo!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:10 am    Post subject: Just some general things that bug me in Oo! Reply with quote

This is not really a to-the-point commentary bug report or help, more a bit of drivel concerning a couple of things that bug me in Open/Libre Office: Crying or Very sad

1) When entering a term in the [any] index, but changing that text the indexing input-window, many times the initial capital letter in the text disappears, but not immediately, but at some later stage (I have not been able to determine if on save or closing of programme and/or document).
E.g.: in body text I have marked "Eugène Cornuché," in the index window I change that to "Cornuché, Eugène [richest frenchman]" then on proof-reading I will find "ugène Cornuché" only, preceeded by the index marker. Sometimes there is an unintended font or size change (cf. screenshot 1) instead.

2) When placing images inside footnotes
a) if on the right, the footnote text will flow behind the picture regardless of the settings of the image. I.e. a right text border needs to be appiled to the footnote text.
b) thse images tend to get pushed off onto the next page - and stay there - if minor layout adjustments are made somewhere way up in the documents; i.e. they do not seem to be properly anchored to the text paragraph of the footnote.

3) When adding a caption to an image (or object) AND a border,
a) frequently the border will flow around the caption as well. (But not always. Why? How to do properly?)
b) if I decide to remove that image later (and the caption text) it is virtually impossible to remove the (invisible) bounding box as well, since the final end of line mark (¶) of the caption cannot be deleted.

4) When creating a a table (usually of text) in Calc and pasting it into Writer:
a) if I copy, say cells A1:D17, using the options "calc8" or "DDE" in Writer frequently the last one or two row (i.e. A17:D17) will be cut off (but not due to size limits!)
b) Only in recent versions I encountered the following source off crashes:
copying/pasting as above ("calc8" or "DDE") Writer cashes halfway through the next save/auto-save process. The only way of getting the Calc data accross completely is pasting as "RTF" or "bitmap" (the latter of course unusable for print due to low resolution).

5) I seem not to be able to import .tif images.

These are some minor points I have come accross in editing several book-size documents.* Of course with the XML-transform on save it can take up to 2 minutes to save a 300 page document (with something, freezing the screen completely -- any add-on or option to speed that up? Will the removal of the "Big Kernel Lock" improve things? (Alas, that might be just the price to pay for using an interpreting programming language like Java.)

Any ideas to resolve these???
*) yes, I know. 'THE professional' edits his books in LaTeX ... where the results are perfect for typesetting formulas (although DMAth is an excellent add-on. Thanks to the makers) but, hey a 7-bit piece of software in the times of Unicode and a hundred page geek-speak manual to add functionalities for every single font??? Try that on a manuscript of a bibliography (as I have) that uses Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai and Japanese ... Wasted two weeks of my life.
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