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Drag&drop interface

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:29 am    Post subject: Drag&drop interface Reply with quote

I'm currently reading a technical book which I have to finish first. After that I'd like to pick up on some references and do some light research on the topics I will have created for myself. For now I'm using a simple text file like
section   page   ref.   day   excerpt
s.8.3   p.249   par.1   120307   There's a thingamajigger in the [...]
            Read up on thingamajigger from the reference http://...
s.9.2   p.301   c.b.*2   120308   if (functionToNowhere(typenameX)) {
            See the API for The Argument Clinic.

* c.b. for code block
but know that I could very well put int in a DB. However the advantage with the text file is that I can switch rows according to my personal priority quite easily by selecting then drag&dropping after another row of my choice.

So what I'm thinking is to make the DB with fields according to my tab-separated-values headers (perhaps having 2 fields for references: paragraphs & code blocks) but what is most problematic is the personal priority field. I know that CMS use ECMAscript wrappers to assign numerical values (which are usually quite larger than needed in case you might add a lot between 2 rows) so I'm hoping similar GUI to value module/sub-program/plugin can be applied on OOo Base and I'd only need a integer field for my personal priority and never have to worry about picking numbers to move rows around, simply draggin&dropping. So I could sort between the priority and headers content (ie: by page then back to priority).

Yes I could do this manually and pick numbers à la COBOL (large space between in case of insertion) but in that case I'd prefer to continue dragging&dropping in my text file and limiting myself to personal priority (skipping headers sorting).

I hope this made sense to you but here's another attempt just in case: The personal priority field of integer type would be hidden by a module which would replace them by a handle allowing them to be easily switched around.
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