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Combo box
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That response really sounds like you'd be happy with the function of a Combo Box. Or maybe with the prescribed List-Box + Text-Box workaround. Otherwise I'm confused because I can't imagine that the discussed options wouldn't be sufficient in a "limited need" scenario...

Once again, a Combo Box with ValueList (or perhaps with fixed, SQL, List content based on a separate Column/Table):
1) Provides a list to aid consistent input (avoiding typos, etc.)
2) Allows modifications upon selection such as changing "North" to "North 22"
3) "North" (unmodified) is still in the same position in the list for subsequent selection
4) Fortunately or unfortunately, (2) causes "North 22" to be added to the bottom of the list. But I have to say, there's really no good excuse for going to the extra effort to scroll past "North" in subsequent uses in order to encounter, much less select, "North 22" as if by accident
5) All mods (such as "North 22") are eliminated from the Combo Box list upon closing and re-opening the Form.

So it really seems like a Combo Box is your best option unless you find you have an unbridled need to scroll past your fixed list to see and accidentally select a session-modified version/entry. Or perhaps on principle you simply can't live with knowing the session mods are added to the bottom of the list and you would rather not close and re-open the Form to automatically eliminate these temporary entries...Wink

Otherwise, if (4) and/or (5) above are simply unacceptable, then the previously described workaround involving a List Box + Text Box (both with the same Data field), eliminates both (4) and (5). Is a List Box selection followed by optional modification in an adjacent Text Box also unacceptable?

Ultimately, a Macro could fix everything including (4) and (5) above, based on a Combo Box. But it's simply is not worth the development-time considering the available functionality and perhaps the "limited need" of the entire application.
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