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Impress Animation & Vectors

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:17 am    Post subject: Impress Animation & Vectors Reply with quote

Hi there,

I just tried to put a little animation together in impress.
However, I noticed that it doesn't work as expected.

1. Why do I have to create a seperate vector for each object? Why can't I apply the same vector on several objects? Grouping doesn't help here because I want e.g. to move 20 objects into one direction, then 10 of those into another direction and again 5 into another direction etc.

2. Why does the vector have to start in the center of the object? If this is not the case the objects makes a jump to the start point of the vector. I thought a should move an object independent of its location. It should be a relative movement compared to its last position.

3. How can I turn objects? Is there a rotation?

4. How can I skew an object? e.g. a rectangle becomes a parallelogram?

I find all kinds of fancy and useless animation paths but nothing useful to me... Sad
Although, I just wanted to carry out simple linear moves...

I expected that it works like this:

I define the necessary vectors: Vec1, Vec3, Vec3, ...
i.e. with the right length and direction, z.B. Vec1 = 5mm to the top and 2mm to the left, etc.
Then, I have my Drawing-Objects Obj1, Obj2, Obj3, ...

Then I create a list like:
1. Obj1, Vec1 (Obj1 is moved according to Vec1)
2. Obj2, Obj3, Obj4, Vec2 (Obj2,3,4 are moved according to Vec2)
3. Obj1, Vec3 (Obj1 is again moved from its current position according to Vec3)
4. Obj1, Obj4, Vec4, Vec5 (Obj1&4 are moved first according Vec4 and afterwards according Vec5)
5. etc...

This shouldn't be too difficult... Is this possible?
Thanks for any hints. Theo.
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