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Lost my data?

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Joined: 11 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:51 pm    Post subject: Lost my data? Reply with quote


First I want to let you know that I know very little about databases but here's my case with OpenOffice 1.9.65 Base:

I wanted to create a cd database for personal use containing an unique id, album title, artist title and type (archived,active). I've entered these details after creating a table in the Base mainview with my selected options. Yesterday I was finished with this, then I saved the file into an .odt file. All was saved I thought but I was wrong. When I started the computer today I figured out there's nothing left of my earlier work after opening the .odt file (8kb in size), where's my damn table??

Can somebody help me retrieve my entered data?

When I open my .odt file with a text editor I can see the following data:

last part of it:
wPKɝ y*  mI  PK   !+2            +   database/ehbocd archief per 11-01-05.scriptsru qU
RvTp rQPRRpt PK@$   "   PK   !+2            /   database/ehbocd archief per 11-01-05.propertiesmQj0 ރ
FEѓQTL\rVli   0,<!fQ鯒3}ث\K7 IŕGΚ 3DҒ7q`J:biҸ9%'#/L# PK$-     PK    +2]8h`   h     settings.xmlAn0EL.d$0`UP`@D*V|;=?3
%V߮ HMeij"X`?ЃDe:m%Vr+|Gk;_Dw)8a߈S$b>]QBG'Ui%Bm-<#uטa×G}2ؚ+t1А@Rqgs^keW4J/$PK]8h`   h  PK   !+2               META-INF/manifest.xmlMk0 ﱒ`e֏CzMĐVK²lB3A6󾒍ӾaGt^DĜMtm6^x0|'fR=
ڀmo   ڢ^QWL)[y
0[q#QP/3{ L   I:RP;p-\Zۨ\RE;w%i"+N9pI:e9^j~+D ^FS(tp$y`3yk%XDqXϢ1Ubºpݎ^ezn|kw}w;>PK#L3    PK      !+2p                       mimetypePK      !+2                            B   META-INF/PK     +2  O
               i   content.xmlPK    !+2JŮ      (             U  database/ehbocd archief per 11-01-05.logPK     +2     "               database/ehbocd archief.propertiesPK     +2ɝ y*  mI                 database/ehbocd archief.logPK    !+2@$   "   +             {  database/ehbocd archief per 11-01-05.scriptPK    !+2$-     /               database/ehbocd archief per 11-01-05.propertiesPK     +2]8h`   h               P  settings.xmlPK    !+2#L3                   META-INF/manifest.xmlPK   
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