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ExportPDF with a specific PageRange

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 6:36 am    Post subject: ExportPDF with a specific PageRange Reply with quote

To export a specific PageRange to PDF.
I think it will be useful to others.

Boolean   lb_result
string ls_docfullpath
OLEObject ioo_objPropertyValue
OLEObject ioo_objPropertyValueArray[]
OLEObject ioo_objPropertyValue1
OLEObject ioo_objPropertyValue2
OLEObject ioo_objPropertyValueArray1[]
OLEObject ioo_objDoc1
OLEObject ioo_objValueObj

if Not IsValid(ioo_obj) or IsNull(as_docfullpath) then return False
if ioo_obj.of_isalive() = FALSE then return False


ioo_objPropertyValue = ioo_obj.Bridge_GetStruct("")
ioo_objPropertyValue1 = ioo_obj.Bridge_GetStruct("")
ioo_objPropertyValue2 = ioo_obj.Bridge_GetStruct("")

ioo_objPropertyValue2.Name = "PageRange"
ioo_objPropertyValue2.Value = "1-3;6;8" //will take a argument here to accommodate the various PageRange possibilities

ioo_objPropertyValueArray1[upperbound(ioo_objPropertyValueArray1)+1] = ioo_objPropertyValue2

ioo_objValueObj = ioo_objDesktop.Bridge_GetValueObject()
ioo_objValueObj.set("[]", ioo_objPropertyValueArray1)

ioo_objPropertyValue.Name= "FilterName"
ioo_objPropertyValue.Value= "writer_pdf_Export"
ioo_objPropertyValue1.Name= "FilterData"
ioo_objPropertyValue1.Value= ioo_objValueObj



ioo_objDoc1.storeToURL(ls_docfullpath, ioo_objPropertyValueArray)

return lb_result

Some of the language is PowerScript but you can see the algorithm.

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