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Line Spacing Default Behavior in Writer
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

carlturney wrote:
I'm having a basic vertical spacing compatibility problem too. And it is INFURIATING! ...

You do realize that posting a complaint that amounts to "I have a nasty problem with line spacing", on a non-official messge board, is not likely to have any constructive effect whatsoever, no?
Believe me, I sympathize; we've all been there, but it's the nature of FLOSS that you have to invest a little time and effort to get anything done.

It would be helpful to have some way to see exactly where the line spacing goes off between Word and Writer (PDF? Screenshots? Scans?).

I think it is well-known that Writer has a "different" way of spacing lines (at least I run into it often, that Writer seems to be overly generous with spacing between lines), although I've never seen a clear analysis of exactly how it is different. Anyway, by fiddling with the line spacing mode and settings I've always been able to get what I needed. E.g., you can set the line spacing to "Fixed" and enter a value as small as 0.10", or you can set the spacing to "Proportional" and go as low as 50%. One of those should get all your lines on one page.
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