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Hijacking Dialogs - FilePicker Preview (Again)

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OOo Enthusiast
OOo Enthusiast

Joined: 03 Aug 2005
Posts: 186
Location: Denver, Colorado

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:19 pm    Post subject: Hijacking Dialogs - FilePicker Preview (Again) Reply with quote

This code demonstrates the ability to hijack an OO dialog like the "Insert picture" dialog so that you can use it in your own macro to do your own desired action. I intercept the posting of the dialog with a top window listener, add a new button to the dialog, and then use that button to dismiss the dialog and return control to the subroutine that posted the dialog. The posting subroutine has access to the dialog's return value.

I believe that this approach could be used for any OO dialog. In fact, you could use the "Start Application" event to set a Top Window listener from the very startup of OO and, as OO dialogs are posted, identify the dialogs that you are interested in and selectively add or subtract features.

I have gotten the ideas for this from many contributors to the forums but especially ms777. See and


REM  *****  BASIC  *****
Option Explicit

REM This code demonstrates hijacking of OO dialogs so that you can
REM use them in your own macros and
REM do whatever you want with the result versus letting OO do what
REM it wants. This example is for posting the "Insert picture" dialog
REM and intercepting the results.

Private sFileUrl As String

Sub HijackTheInsertPictureDialog

  REM create a frame dispatcher so we can post the dialog
  Dim oFrame As Variant : Dim oDispatcher As Variant
  oFrame = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame
  oDispatcher = createUnoService("")

  REM create a top window listener so that we can intercept the dialog
  Dim oAwtToolkit As Variant : Dim oTopListener As Variant
  oAwtToolkit = oFrame.ContainerWindow.Toolkit
  oTopListener = createUnoListener("TopWindow_", "")

  REM now post the dialog
  oAwtToolkit.addTopWindowListener( oTopListener )
  oDispatcher.executeDispatch(oFrame, ".uno:InsertGraphic", "", 0, Array())
  oAwtToolkit.removeTopWindowListener( oTopListener )
  REM and here are the results!
  If sFileUrl = "" Then
    MsgBox "you cancelled!"
    MsgBox sFileUrl
  End If

End Sub

Private beenDone As Boolean  ' just a safety measure
Private oPictureDialog As Variant

Sub TopWindow_windowOpened( event as Object)

  REM TopWindow listeners can be dangerous, so take some precautions
  If beenDone Then Exit Sub
  beenDone = TRUE

  REM the "Insert picture" dialog is the event source
  oPictureDialog = event.Source
  REM disable the existing "Open" button which is accessible child 8
  Dim oOldOpenButton As Variant
  oOldOpenButton = oPictureDialog.AccessibleContext.getAccessibleChild( 8 )
  oOldOpenButton.setEnable( FALSE )

  REM now get an awt toolkit so we can construct our own "Open" button
  Dim oAwtToolkit As Variant
  oAwtToolkit = oOldOpenButton.Toolkit
  REM make a new "Open" button placed on top of the old "Open" button
  Dim oNewOpenButtonCtrl As Variant : Dim oNewOpenButtonModel As Variant
  oNewOpenButtonCtrl = CreateUnoService( "" )
  oNewOpenButtonModel = CreateUnoService( "" )
  oNewOpenButtonCtrl.setModel( oNewOpenButtonModel )
  oNewOpenButtonCtrl.createPeer( oAwtToolkit, oOldOpenButton )
  oNewOpenButtonModel.Label = "Open"
  oNewOpenButtonCtrl.setPosSize( 0, 0,_
      oOldOpenButton.PosSize.Width, oOldOpenButton.PosSize.Height,_ )

  REM and finally, add a button action listener
  Dim vActionListener As Variant
  vActionListener = CreateUnoListener( "NewOpenButton_", "" )
  oNewOpenButtonCtrl.addActionListener( vActionListener )

end sub

sub TopWindow_windowClosing(e as Object)
end sub

sub TopWindow_windowClosed(e as Object)
end sub

sub TopWindow_windowMinimized(e as Object)
end sub

sub TopWindow_windowNormalized(e as Object)
end sub

sub TopWindow_windowActivated(e as Object)
end sub

sub TopWindow_windowDeactivated(e as Object)
end sub

Sub NewOpenButton_actionPerformed(oAction)

  REM the CANCEL button is subchild 9
  REM the File Path text is subchild 15
  REM the File Name text is subchild 1, subchild 0
  REM set the sFileUrl return variable
  With oPictureDialog.AccessibleContext
    If .getAccessibleChild(1).AccessibleContext.getAccessibleChild(0).Text = "" Then Exit Sub
    sFileUrl = .getAccessibleChild(15).Text & "\" & _
  End With

  REM error check
  If NOT FileExists( sFileUrl ) Then
    MsgBox sFileUrl & " does not exist!", 16
    sFileUrl = ""
    Exit Sub
  End If
  REM do the CANCEL action to dismiss the dialog and return control to the routine that
  REM posted the dialog

End Sub

Note: editted the actionPerformed subroutine 18 July 2006 to add some error checking of the user's input. Behavior now matches the normal Insert Picture dialog.

Last edited by thom314 on Tue Jul 18, 2006 6:02 pm; edited 2 times in total
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OOo Enthusiast
OOo Enthusiast

Joined: 03 Aug 2005
Posts: 186
Location: Denver, Colorado

PostPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

One note of caution to this technique. I use the Accessibility interface for the dialog. This example was built and tested on OO 2.0. It is possible that the accessible child tree structure could be different on OO 1.x or OO 3.x . If that is the case then the accessible child indices would need to be adjusted.

Plus, you need to be using the native OO dialogs and not the operating system's ones.
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