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Jew with capital 'J' not in suggestion list
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another example of the inferior spell checker in Writer:

Writer does not recognize the word livsduelige allthough the spelling is correct. Instead, the first suggestion is:

a) livs duelige : to split up the word is something an English spell checker should suggest, but we do not split up words in Denmark. In English you say 'hotel room' but it is one word in Danish: 'hotelroom'. Influenced by English, (ignorant) Danes split up many words, a major error, and it is disastrous if schools get a word processor that tells kids that splitting up words is correct, and that the words they did in fact spell correctly, wasn't.

b) The next suggestion: livduelige ... WHAT? This is a spelling error! It is spelled LIVSDUELIGE! Now two incorrect suggestions in a row, after underlines a word that was spelled correctly... three errors in a row. Would you recommend this to your own kids?

c) Third suggestion: liveduelige. This word does not exist in Danish. Four errors in a row.

d) Fourth suggestion: livuduelige. This word does not exist in Danish. FIVE errors in a row!

I cannot recommend OpenOffice to Danes, at all. And schools... never. I do know how the dictionaries are maintained, but it is a billion miles from good enough. Community based projects doesn't guarantee professional quality. I do not trust community based dictionaries. This is for professionals. I could get a professional spell checker in StarOffice, but StarOffice 8 only comes with 5 dictionaries.
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