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Subforms and item selection help...

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 7:21 pm    Post subject: Subforms and item selection help... Reply with quote

I'm trying to work with subforms and since I come from the MS Access world, the visual manner in which subforms are presented is a bit different (MS Access actually shows the subform as a visual object on the master form and subforms are actually created as forms and then placed onto a master form to become a subform).

It seems to me (and correct me if I'm wrong) that creating a subform in OOBase is strictly a programmatic thing (using Form Navigator). In essence, the only way one can visually tell there is a subform is to look at Form Navigator and either select a control from the "subform" list or to select a control on the master form and see if that "lights up" a control on the subform list of Form Navigator. Not quite an intuitively obvious method for me.

Anyway, my other challenge (related to above) is that I am trying to create a "list" that consists of concatenated text used to identify a specific file I would like to open in a form. MSA provides 2 functions to help this happen: first, forms (and subforms) have a property called "Default View" which allows a form to show either a single record (Single mode) or as many records as will fit in the size of the form control window (Continuous mode). Is there anything like this available in OOBase?

The 2nd function is that MSA allows an event to occur when the mouse clicks on one of the list items (in continuous mode) and using selected fields for search parameters, VBA can be used to open the report based on those selected parameters. Again, is OOBase capable of this?

If not, is this where I have to load up a combo or list box to perform the same function?

Thanks in advance...Steph
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