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Calc, cells, macro and MySQL

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 12:42 am    Post subject: Calc, cells, macro and MySQL Reply with quote

Hi All

I am sitting here and have to make some decisions. I have made a worksheet, retrieving values from a MySQL database, insert them in the worksheet, doing some caluclations, and so on. Now, my users are making requests to me. Shame on them. I even tried to look very sadly, but they are still making requests. They want to save their input to the worksheet, and give it a number for refrence. Numbering is no problem, it's just autoincrement in the MySQL. BUT there is a lot of cellvalues that have to be saved. A solution is :

Sub Main
  Dim oDocument As Object, oSheet As Object, oCell As Object
  oSheet=oDocument.Sheets.getByName("Kunde")'Hvilket ark skal værdien rettes på
  oCell=oSheet.getCellByposition(1,16) '
  oCell=oSheet.getCellByposition(1,17) '
  oCell=oSheet.getCellByposition(1,18) '
  oCell=oSheet.getCellByposition(1,19) '
etc etc etc
End Sub

And then a long, long SQL statement like this :

DatabaseContext = createUnoService("")
DataSource = DatabaseContext.getByName("Datakilde_4")
sSQL = "INSERT INTO adresser (Navn, Adresse, Postnummer) VALUES ('blabla', 'bla bla'," + Kundeb18 + ")"

This would work. But it's not smart. And if i want to make a revision, then i won't dare to think of the consequenses.

Making array's would be smarter, but still requires a long table in the database.

But the smartesed would be to save the entire worksheet in a single blobfield. But i've been googling around, and searched this forum, without any useful result ( The next step, if this could be solved, is to store writer document's )

But is there any other way's to solve this. Smart ?

Best Regards

Lars Brandi Jensen
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