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Exporting Bookmarks & Deleting Linked Tables

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:38 am    Post subject: Exporting Bookmarks & Deleting Linked Tables Reply with quote

I am creating a Manual for a game which I play, and most of the raw information I have is placed in tables (approximatiely 1500 total in the document thus far), and there are numerous bookmarks to set up the categories that the tables are sorted into, as well as for each individual category. In many places I have in-document Hyperlinks to take you to information, but in other places I have the table copied so that the information which is connected between categories can all be displayed on one page.

Now, exporting it to PDF carries all of the Hyperlinks over, which is the main reason I switched to Open Office from MS Word in the first place (ease of Graphic placement was the other reason). But I am wanting to refine things a bit more now and am running into issues.

I learned that you can "Link" a table, which means you hit F5 to get the Navigator, then select one of the tables and drag&drop it onto the page where you want the table. This places the data in that location, but requires you to update it in the original. This is quite ideal as it keeps me from having to update information in 5 or 6 places at once.

My question is though: How can I delete one of these links once placed? I have thus far been unable to discover a method for doing this.

On the subject of Bookmarks, I am also wondering if there is a method of setting up a heirarchy to them, since I have numerous Sections, Sub-Sections, and raw Data Elements. It would make sorting through the 2000+ Bookmarks much more convenient. Additionally, I have not figured out a way to have the Bookmarks export to PDF AS Bookmarks. From what I have learned on searching the forums, you can only create Bookmarks in a PDF by using Headers? (I have Headers/Footers on each page, but I am guessing the ones which display as bookmarks are a bit different?)

To sumarize my questions:

How do you delete a linked table from a document?
How can you set up a Heirarchy for Bookmarks within Writer?
How can you export Bookmarks from Writer to become Bookmarks in a PDF?
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