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Creating a table of content with java

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:16 am    Post subject: Creating a table of content with java Reply with quote


I'm new when working with OO and programming, and just got some java code from a colleague that quit. What I want to do is to insert a table of content to my document. At the moment the code does create a title for the table of content, but a get no text. I will insert parts of the code. It would be great if anyone has an opinion of what I should do. And please let me know if you need more code.


     * Sets up a table of content at the beginning of the first page
    private void setTableOfContent(){
        try {
           // New TOC
            Object oContentIndex = mxMultiServiceFactory.createInstance(

            // Set a name for the TOC
            XNamed xNamedIndex = (XNamed) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
                    XNamed.class, oContentIndex);

            // access the set of properties
            XPropertySet xContentIndexProps = (XPropertySet)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XPropertySet.class, oContentIndex);

            // "Title" is a "the heading" of the TOC.
            xContentIndexProps.setPropertyValue("Title", "Inneh√•llsf√∂rteckning");
            // "IsProtected" is a property of every BaseIndex
            xContentIndexProps.setPropertyValue("IsProtected", Boolean.TRUE);
            // "CreateFromOutline" is a ContentIndex property
            xContentIndexProps.setPropertyValue("CreateFromOutline", Boolean.FALSE);

            // HOW TO CHANGE THE STYLES?

            //  GETTER METHOD
            //  1. get the name of the style applied to the level we want
            //  2. get that style from the paragraph styles family
            //  3. modify it

            XNameContainer xParaStyleFamily = (XNameContainer)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XNameContainer.class,
                    mxNameAccess.getByName("ParagraphStyles") );

            // the service BaseIndex has properties to access the styles:
            //      ParaStyleHeading
            //      ParaStyleLevel1, ParaStyleLevel2 ... ParaStyleLevel10

            // change the heading style
            String sParaStyleHeading = AnyConverter.toString(

            if (xParaStyleFamily.hasByName(sParaStyleHeading)) {

                XPropertySet xHeadingStyleProps = (XPropertySet)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XPropertySet.class,
                    xParaStyleFamily.getByName(sParaStyleHeading) );

                        "ParaAdjust", ParagraphAdjust.CENTER);

                        "CharHeight", new Integer(20));

                        "CharColor", getRGBColor( 0, 0, 125));

                        "CharFontName", "DejaVu Serif;Galatia SIL");

            // change the style for level 1
            String sParaStyleLevel1 = AnyConverter.toString(

            if (xParaStyleFamily.hasByName(sParaStyleLevel1)) {

                XPropertySet xParaStyleLevel1 = (XPropertySet)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XPropertySet.class,
                    xParaStyleFamily.getByName(sParaStyleLevel1) );

                        "CharPosture", FontSlant.ITALIC);
            // change the style for level 3
            String sParaStyleLevel3 = AnyConverter.toString(

            if (xParaStyleFamily.hasByName(sParaStyleLevel3)) {

                XPropertySet xParaStyleLevel3 = (XPropertySet)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XPropertySet.class,
                    xParaStyleFamily.getByName(sParaStyleLevel3) );

                        "CharColor", getRGBColor(255, 0, 255));

            // SETTER METHOD
            //  1. create a new custom style
            //  2. set that style at the index level you want

            // create a new style for level 2
            String sMyParaStyleName = "My Custom ContentIndex Style Level 2";

            Object oNewParaStyleLevel2;

            if (xParaStyleFamily.hasByName(sMyParaStyleName)) {
                oNewParaStyleLevel2 = xParaStyleFamily.getByName(sMyParaStyleName);
            } else {
                oNewParaStyleLevel2 = mxMultiServiceFactory.createInstance(
                xParaStyleFamily.insertByName(sMyParaStyleName, oNewParaStyleLevel2);

            XPropertySet xParaStyleLevel2 = (XPropertySet)
                    UnoRuntime.queryInterface( XPropertySet.class,
                    oNewParaStyleLevel2 );

                        "ParaLeftMargin", new Integer(500));
                        "CharWeight", FontWeight.BOLD);

            // SET IT AT THE INDEX LEVEL
            xContentIndexProps.setPropertyValue("ParaStyleLevel2", sMyParaStyleName);


            XDocumentIndex xDocumentIndex = (XDocumentIndex)
                    XDocumentIndex.class, oContentIndex);

            // insert the index at the start of the document
            insertTextContent(mxDocument.getText().getStart(), xDocumentIndex);


        } catch (Exception e) {

private void insertTextContent(XTextRange xTextRange, XTextContent xContent) {
        try {
           mxText.insertControlCharacter(mxTextCursor, ControlCharacter.PARAGRAPH_BREAK, false);
           xTextRange.getText().insertTextContent(xTextRange, xContent, false);
        } catch ( ex){

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