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Multiuser // Client-server

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:44 am    Post subject: Multiuser // Client-server Reply with quote

I'm wondering if I'm ready to explore what is for me some frontiers.

Two things are tempting me with siren songs...

I'd like to be able to set up a database on a server. For the sake of discusssion, let's say that its purpose is to help people identify birds. And, for discussion, we'll keep it simple: One table, with the following fields....

Bird name+ sex, e.g. Robin/male (text, and primary key)
Has Red In It (boolean)
Has Blue
Has Green....
etc.... numerous "has {color}" fields

The user would access the database, say "I have a red bird", and the database would respond with a list of birds it might be. (Yes... I know... that's too simple.. but it will do for my questions!!)

To start with, the database would be on a computer on my LAN. Hopefully not a server, just another "bog standard" member of the network (via file sharing?)... but if it can only (sensibly) be done if the machine is a server, say so. (I am at the "crawling" stage with Apache, if that helps.)

Eventually, I would like to move it to a internet accessible computer, serving web interactions with Apache.

In both cases, I would like it to be possible that multiple users could log in as read only users of the data.

I'd like Open Office Base to be the software used by the users to access the data.

If I get that far, the next goal would be to create interactive web pages (html) which could "talk" to the database... initially as read-only clients, but eventually I'd like to reach the stage where authorized users could "do things" to the data (add, modify, delete records) via a web page, across the internet.


So! Thank you for reading this far!

The good news is: I'm not going (here!) to ask how to do this.

What I WOULD welcome is thoughts from "experts"... people who are actually doing such things, not others, however well-meaning, who would be inclined to write to give me encouragement... which is often welcome and helpful....

.... thoughts on...

What software should I consider for these tasks? I prefer open source (of course!) I prefer things which come in Windows and Linux flavors.

I believe that dear ooBase CAN'T DO the sorts of things I'm speaking of? (The serving side, anyway. Nor the multiuser access?) True?

Besides the "which database?" question, I'd also welcome advice on what package to start studying for the programming in the web pages.

Sorry for the long post...

Thanks for any thoughts!
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