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Data for playing with- Announcement

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:57 pm    Post subject: Data for playing with- Announcement Reply with quote

Someone else was asking in this forum about accessing some Access data. The issues around that are being dealt with in the "USDA" thread.

I thought others might find the following interesting, as data to play with... or because they actually want access, via ooBase, to some data which will be useful in some circumstances.

The US Department of Agriculture has put some data online. It seems to be about that is in different foodstuffs.

If you go to

... you will find links to download....


ASCII (6.0Mb) - This file contains the SR21 data in ASCII, delimited files. These tables are organized in a relational format, and are best used with a relational database management system (RDBMS), which will allow you to form your own queries of the database and generate custom reports.

ACCESS (16.5Mb) - This file contains the SR21 data imported into a Micrsoft Access database. It includes relationships between files and a few sample queries and reports. You need Micrsoft Access 2000 or later to use this file.

Abbreviated - The following files contain data for all food items, but not all nutrient values--individual fatty acids, amino acids, alcohol, caffeine, theobromine, phytosterols, starch, individual sugars and vitamin D are not included.

ASCII (0.7Mb) - delimited file suitable for importing into many programs.

Excel (1.6Mb) - for use with Micrsoft Excel, but can also be used by many other spreadsheet programs.

What they call "delimited files" I call CSV files, and they are easy to import into ooBase tables. (See

If that's too hard, then you can get the abbreviated data into an ooBase database by loading the cut down version from the Excel files into ooCalc, and move the data from there into ooBase simply enough.

Maybe some kind person will do the conversion work and republish the data somehwere that others can fetch it? I would, but I don't think my ISP would be very pleased with me if I started serving up a 6MB file too often. Sigh. If you would put the result on your website, I would consider trying to move the data to ooBase. (Answers on THAT to me as a private message, please. No point in cluttering the forum with stuff not of general interest.)
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